Digital commodity mode to buy

Which mode should i buy (Single Site VS Multisite)

As we all know, WordPress since the release of 3.0 will support multi-site mode, you can make your site instantly become a station with a countless sub-station group network, sub-sites can use the form of sub-domain names and directories.

So, the question comes, should buy what model?

If your WP installation is

  • Single site, do not hesitate to choose the single-site mode.
  • Multi-site (sub-site with directory form), the single-site mode does not support sub-site, if only the main site needs, i suggest select the single-site mode.
  • Multi-site (sub-site with sub-domain form), if only 2-3 sub-sites need, i suggest select the single-site mode.
  • Multi-site (sub-site with forms both of sub-domain and directory), if a lot of sub-sites need, please select the multi-site mode.


Digital Product Activation

This site all the products using offline activation before last year, this approach is very simple, but there are great drawbacks: can not change the domain and upgrade specifications. So since the beginning of 2017, all digital products are using online activation.

Product Activation
Product Activation

After installing the plugin or theme, enabled the activation, the system will automatically start the activation process, if you have been activated your domain on the product activation page, will be activated for the licence version.

Every 15 days automatically activated once, it will not affect the normal operation of the site. Some people may worry, if the self-activated when the activation server shutdown with how to do? It does not matter, this will only affect the trial version, if you have activated the licence version, it will activate directly.